fremont + williams

The Radiator is planned as the first of three developments on Fremont between Vancouver and Williams in North Portland (image PATH Architecture)

Across the street from the full block construction of the upcoming North Fremont New Seasons Market is another big development consisting of three projects surrounding a centralized courtyard. The overall development is being called FreWill Dock (FreWill being short for Fremont and Williams), and the first phase is proposed as a mixed-use building called The Radiator. The area has seen quite a transformation in the last 10-20 years, with the major streets of Williams and Mississippi being almost unrecognizable compared to how they looked in the early 90’s, which has created some concern amongst neighbors. The Radiator, along with the other two phases, and the nearly completed New Seasons Market will help change things even more as they replace two empty fields of grass with new density and mixed uses.

proposed eco-district heating and cooling system along Williams and Vancouver (image PATH Architecture)

The most interesting aspect of the proposal is a shared heating and cooling system that will eventually run to all three FreWill projects, the New Seasons, and several other potential redevelopments nearby. This type of shared heating and cooling is often called an eco-district, which would be a first of its kind in this part of Portland (another example is the Brewery Blocks downtown). It appears that the first line in the heating and cooling system will run under Fremont Street between New Seasons and The Radiator, which will utilize the excess “waste” heat created by the New Seasons kitchens and refrigeration. Eventually, after all three phases of the FreWill project are built, all of the buildings connected in the loop will benefit from sharing each others heating and cooling needs and excesses.

the initial proposal for The Radiator which could include offices, residences and/or retail (image PATH Architecture)


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