additions to division (update)

The apartments at 3339 SE Division are taking shape

The first of a trio of projects by Urban Development Partners is nearing completion (pictured above) while the other two in the cluster get prepped for construction. As mentioned earlier, two of the projects, 3339 and 3330 have been designed by THA Architecture while the third, 3360 SE Division, was designed by Works Partnership.

3339 SE Division pre-construction rendering, compare with u/c photo above (THA Architecture)

All three buildings will face the same street corner as 33rd Place ends at Division Street.

3339 SE Division has a courtyard-like cut through the building to break up its mass

Across the street, the site of 3330 is being used as a construction staging area, while the 3360 site no longer has any trace of the old Village Merchant building and is fully graded with a foundation beginning to form (see below).

3360 SE Division beginning construction

Not much information is available yet for the Works Partnership designed 3360, but permits have been approved for construction and the building is being marketed as a mixed-use project (see below).

3360 SE Division (Works Partnership)


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