burnside bridgehead (update)

Proposed 21 story apartment building at the Burnside Bridge (Skylab)

After years of false promises and changing economics, it appears the Burnside Bridgehead project is finally taking off! As discussed previously, the multi-block project has moved from a single developer to a more reasonable mix of local talent. Currently in design review (pdf), the program and design for the apartment block appear to be nearing finalization, and the details look promising. Unlike most rectangular Portland apartment buildings, the residences are lifted and turned with an almost bow tie/ butterfly joint plan-shape facing downtown.

Proposed interaction with the plaza and 2nd Avenue (Skylab)

View looking East from the bridge (Skylab)

Rendering from the Southwest at street level (Skylab)

Next door, Kevin Cavenaugh’s crowdfunded Dumbbell proposal appears to be on its way to achieving its unconventional funding goals. His project aims to replace the temporary art installation with 30,000 square feet of creative office space and 5,500 feet of retail space to the prominent Burnside Bridgehead area. Cavenaugh is known for his seemingly risky and unconventional developments including The Ocean micro-restaurants, The Rocket mixed-use project up the street on Burnside and 11th, and others around town.

The Dumbbell project located along MLK and Burnside (Guerrilla Development)

Across MLK from the Dumbbell property a non-Bridgehead half-block, that used to house a car-dealership, is slated for redevelopment by Texas-based Trinsic Residential Group. The proposal is for a six-story apartment complex, but details of that project are still few.

Trinsic’s proposed residential building between MLK and Grand on Burnside (Trinsic)


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