burnside eastside

Lower Burnside Lofts at SE Ankeny and 10th (Vallaster Corl Architects)

The real estate market around East Burnside is heating up, and not just around the Bridgehead. Several new mixed-use projects have come into the pipeline, adding retail and residential space into the light industrial mecca. A small 64-unit apartment building over retail is slated for a quarter block parcel at SE Ankeny and 10th, two blocks West of the recently completed Foursquare Apartments at 12th and Burnside. The proposal, deemed ‘Lower Burnside Lofts,’ looks to include 44 bicycle parking spots along with 17 automobile stalls behind three leasable retail spaces at ground floor. Ankeny is one of the busier bikeways in Southeast, and the small-sized shop spaces should have no problem filling up because of that.

Trinsic’s mixed-use proposal for 419 E. Burnside (Myhre Group Architects)

Another project in-between Grand and MLK on Burnside is a 118 unit mixed-use building designed by Myhre Group. This project will have ground floor retail facing Burnside and a mix of studios, one and two bedroom apartments, and live-work units above. The half-block site, a former auto-dealership, is a prime location along the Streetcar line for highly-visible retail stores, and this proposal looks to take advantage of that. The wood and metal panel facade is rather dull for the street, but the additional density is welcome nonetheless.

Guerrilla Development’s Dumbbell building at 11 NE MLK (Brett Schulz Architect)

Of course, both of the buildings mentioned above appear to be very basic in design and will simply add to the urban fabric of the neighborhood. The Dumbbell project, on the other hand, looks outside the box, literally and figuratively. The project is unique with its sloped walls, randomized windows, interesting cladding, and an exterior elevator and staircase core. Kevin Cavenaugh is by far the most daring of Portland developers with unconventional projects like this and The Zipper. Of all of the Portland neighborhoods that have seen growth in the last decade, East Burnside is the place that showcases local design talent with The Doug Fir, The Rocket, Works Partnership’s Bside6, and the proposed Skylab Bridgehead project all within blocks of each other. If the crowdfunded project reaches its financing goal, the Dumbbell looks to continue that trend.

Lower Burnside Lofts looking South from Burnside (Vallaster Corl Architects)

419 E. Burnside at street level looking West (Myhre Group Architects)

Site plan for The Dumbbell showing the NE Couch approach to the Burnside Bridge and the Streetcar stop (Brett Schulz Architect)


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