the goat blocks (update)

The proposed LOCA development off of SE 11th and Belmont streets, better known as the ‘goat blocks’ for the weed clearing residents that currently occupy the empty site (Ankrom Moisan Architects)

The Goat Blocks project looks to be nearing the end of the design phase, as the detailing, materiality, and other refinements appear to be finalized. The exterior cladding is relatively untouched with brick veneer, stucco, metal panels (albeit some different colors), and wood highlights. The retail spaces now have a variety of frontages and sizes, from the 82,000 and 25,000 sq. ft. large spaces to the 500 to 700 sq. ft. micro-spaces in the Yamhill Street alley. The plans still call for a hardware store for the larger space with an outdoor garden center on the far southwest corner, and a grocery store for the half-size Belmont fronting space. Retail is concentrated along the northern edge of the site as the southern edge faces mostly industrial and employment zoning.

Rendering of the grocery store main entrance at Belmont and 11th (Ankrom Moisan Architects)

Rendering of the Yamhill alley and Hardware store’s 10th Avenue entrance, view from the west on 10th and Yamhill Street, the main parking entrance can be seen in the lower left (Ankrom Moisan Architects)

The apartments look to be mostly 600-700 sq. ft. one-bedroom units with some smaller studios in the eastern most building, and a few larger two-bedroom units around 1,200 sq. ft. at the corner spaces of the western block. Nothing really special about the upper floor residences, but the additional apartment units will be welcome in the Inner Southeast as demand has dramatically increased prices in the last decade. Again, the architecture is economically driven, but the project as a whole is bringing new investment, retail, and housing into a previously overlooked area with a lot of potential.

Rendering of the proposed Goat Blocks’ hardware block, view from 11th and Taylor looking NW, the outdoor garden center can be seen on the lower left (Ankrom Moisan Architects)

The studios, a micro-retail, and a larger divisible retail will comprise the smaller building to the east of the superblock site across 11th (Ankrom Moisan Architects)

Rendered view of the proposed Yamhill alleyway; the hardware store, grocery, and three micro-retails will all have entrances into the alley which will only be a few steps between it and the main terrace (Ankrom Moisan Architects)

View of the proposed terrace fronting Belmont and 10th, a potential restaurant space with a weathered steel fireplace and semi-enclosed patio anchors the corner above the main staircase (Ankrom Moisan Architects)


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