in the works III

Rendered perspective of the proposed Block 75 development at dusk from NE Couch looking slightly NW (Works Partnership)

What was once the paragon of the Portland Development Commission’s failures, the Burnside Bridgehead is finally coming to fruition. Block 75, a ten-story mix of apartments, commercial, and retail spaces bound by NE Couch, MLK, and 3rd Avenue will soon rise next to the old Union Arms Apartments. The half-block project is pulled away from the apartments next door to make room for a through-block pedestrian alley where two of the building’s five ground-floor retail spaces front.

Proposed mid-block pedestrian alley facing West from MLK (Works Partnership)

The setback also allows the building to have a partially transparent northern facade instead of a solid party wall, creating more views from within while simultaneously providing a more interesting urban presence from afar. The building will house all of its parking underground with an entrance ramp adjacent to the building’s perimeter along 3rd Avenue. The air-rights over the parking ramp and the remaining quarter-block site are then land-banked for a future second phase of development.

Rendered view of the proposed parking entrance and NW corner retail looking SE (Works Partnership)

Block 75 from MLK looking SW, ghost image of Cavenaugh’s proposed Fair-Haired Dumbbell to the left (Works Partnership)

The East-West ‘stacked tube’ facade looks to be visually compelling from most angles, giving the mid-rise building a definitive presence on the Eastside. Work should begin soon on both of this project’s soon-to-be neighbors, which will drastically change the current no-man’s land into what could be the de facto center for the Central Eastside.

Rendering of Block 75’s skyline presence from the Burnside Bridge looking East, ghost image of Skylab’s proposed 21-story residential tower to the right (Works Partnership)

Interior rendering of an upper residential unit looking West (Works Partnership)

Block 75 from MLK looking NW, ghost image of the Dumbbell to the left (Works Partnership)

Rendered view highlighting the staggered ‘tubes’ from NE Couch looking NW, ghosts of the Dumbbell and Block 67 to the left (Works Partnership)


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